Curriculum for Bachelors

a. Duration of Education

Duration of education for nursing study program is four years (eight semesters). This program may be taken for no later than 7 years, counted from the first time entering Nursing Study Program Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

b. Study Load

Study load for bachelor program is 149 credits system of semester. One courses could be done by:

  1. Regular course
  2. Seminar
  3. Practicum
  4. Skills Lab
  5. Field Practice
  6. Tutorial
  7. Electronic Learning System (e-LS)

c. Qualification

  1. Academic : Pass the test to enter PSN FKIK UMY.
  2. Administration : fulfill the requirements given from university and faculty, paying educational fee, fill out the KRS form, and other conditions.

d. Diploma (Ijazah)

Student of Nurse Profession Study Program could pass the education and receive Bachelor of Nursing diplomas if manage to to fulfil these requirements:

  1. Pass all blocks.
  2. C-GPA min. 2,75 [ scale 4,00 ]
  3. Get no “E” score in score report.
  4. Amount of SKS that get “D” score is not more than 6 SKS.
  5. Pass the scientific papers’ test and collect it.
  6. Pass the Syahadah test (reciting Al-Quran) Pass all the non-block courses with the score min. C