On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the family of PSIK 2015 has been conducting recitation activities with the theme “Kids Jaman Now Peka Doomsday”. This is a routine activity of PSIK 2015 students that have been running since semester 2. This activity is done every end of the even block with different themes in each events. The purpose of this recitation is to build relationships more closer and establish a sense of togetherness and familial PSIK 2015.

The recitation commitees are some students from internal PSIK 2015. In this time the commitee take the theme about “Kids Jaman Now Peka Doomsday” with the aim of reminding the young people of today not to be mere worldly minded, but to keep in mind the end-times.This recitation activity was held at 15.30 – 20.00 WIB, located in Amphitheater G room as a place for recitation and PSIK 1 room for additional activities such as prayer magrib and isya together, dinner, class evaluations, and games.

This recitation was followed by all students of PSIK 2015. Then, we also invited one of the internal lecturer of PSIK namely Dr. Titih Huriah, M.Kep. Ns., Sp.Kom. as a lecturer in charge of block 16 as well as presenters who will fill the recitals on that day.The recitation of block 16 runs smoothly, beginning with the opening by MC, then welcoming speech from the head of commitees, Muhammad Taupikurrahman, continued with a welcoming speech from kosema PSIK 2015, Zikri Al Halawi, and the last continued with welcoming speech from Mrs. Dr. Titih Huriah, M.Kep. Ns., Sp.Kom as the lecturer of the block. The lecture on this recitation was guided by one of PSIK 2015 students, Siti Nur Azizah as moderator. After the lecture was finished then followed by prayed together in the PSIK room and have a dinner. Then, the event closed with class evaluations and games that designed by the recitation committees