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On wednesdey, Desember 19 th 2018 at 4.00 p.m . Multimedia Information and Communication Department of himika held desain training about video editing with adobe premier pro CC in amphitheathre E. This training was to develop their soft skills and the relation between PSIK FKIK UMY’S student. This training desaign followed by  14 pepole that consist of fifteen until eighteen generation student and one person from public participant the speaker is Dhimas Indra Fasihul Yahya from Intitut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta. The ever won video challage NET TV Indonesia Choise Award. The actor of photograph in high count of Australia and the others achieverments. They trained to know tools from adobe premier pro CC application and how to use it. They also had direct practice and accompanied by the speaker, from how to import video, add effect, add song, cut video , combinate video, export video to upload to social media or just for personal documentation.