On May 31th – June 1st, 2018, has been held MUBES-MUSKER HIMIKA 2017/2018 with the theme “For Better HIMIKA UMY” by the Department of Student Resource Development (PSDM) HIMIKA FKIK UMY at Amphitheater G University of  Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This activity aims to discuss the Articles of Association (AD-ART) and the Organizational Guidelines of the Working Outline (GBH-GBHK) HIMIKA, and also to facilitate the election of the HIMIKA chairman and the Executive organizer (BPH) for the period of 2018/2019. The target of this activity is all HIMIKA organizers period 2017/2018 and all members of HIMIKA. The success indicators of this activity are: HIMIKA organizers, who attend at least as many as 33 people, the achievement of the objectives of the activities, representative of 4 generation PSIK UMY, NCC, NDC, and MORSE actively participate in the election of the chairman of HIMIKA period 2018/2019. The participants who participated in the first day of activity totaled 25 people (75.75%), the second day totaled 27 people (81,81%), and invited guests who participated in the activity on the second day totaled 25 people (96%). Based on the result of percentage of success indicator, the final result of this activity achievement is 84,52%, so the implementation of this activity is good with criterion value > 75%.