English Program for D1

English Program for D1 is integrated by academic learning process, in which there are 2 credits system in each semester for English Program, so there are 16 credits in total for whole academic program. This program is expected to help student communicate well in English, passively and actively.

Progress Test

Progress test is an exam to know the improvements of student in nursing. This exam is done periodically, scheduled in the end of year and it is an obligatory test that all student of nursing program must join the test. Progress test uses CBT system and contains sample questions for professional nurse.

English Hours

English Hours is an activity, where the student could improve and practice their ability to communicate in English, in enjoyabl and fun way. In this activity, Drop In Class is provided to organize the student practicing their language skill. English hours is scheduled every Friday, at 13.00 until 14.30, and it s obligatory for Nursing students. English Hours is guided by qualified English instructor.


Evidence-Based Nursing will be introduced to student in the second year and ability in Evidence based nursing will equip the student in improving skills to become professional nurse. Evidence based nursing is an act of nurse to practice and deciding what to do to solve problem based on evidence. In this Evidence-based nursing course, the student is trained to think critically at scientific papers.

International Student Exchange

International student exchange is an student exchange program abroad. This program is done when the student enter profession phase. The purpose of this program is to let the student know and learn more about nursing profession internationally and giving an opportunity for the student to enhance their knowledge and experience about nursing excellent program in the hospital where thae student practice clinically. This program is done for approximately 4 weeks.

Scientific Papers Karya Tulis Ilmiah

Karya tulis ilmiah (KTI) Scientific papers is final assignment of nursing student. This assigments are done with groups or individual. Scientific papers could be done by group if the papers is going to be used for papers competition. The papers is created based on the interesting topic chosen by the student. The research topics are expected to improve knowledge in nursing field, clinically or theoritically, or even for research development of nursing or research competition. The student are expected to deliver the papers and


E-learning is used as one of learning media for courses. E-learning is a learning media using internet through Els program. For some topics in the courses may be deliveed using e-learning, including doing mini quiz.


Komuda is one of activities in nursing practice, when the student will be shown a real condition of hospital. In Komuda, the student will do some activities thah will be explained in Komuda guide book for every courses that need Komuda activity. In this activity, student must do case reflection that they found in their practice field. Student must wear uniform set by academic management.


PSKI adalah Islamic Medical Study Centre is a place for student to do some activities that must done, in purpose to fulfil the requirement for finishing academic education, such as passing the exam that is organized by Islamic Assistance (Pendampingan Agama Islam).

Nursing Communication Skills Lab

PSN FKIK UMY has mini-hospital, one of nursing program facility for student to practice their nursing skill, so they are expected to be more competent in doing nursing practice, in attempt to improve patient’s health status.  Furthermore, PSN FKIK UMY is developing Nursing Communication Skill Lab, that is focusing on increasing English skill for nursing student , so they will be able to communicate in English.