Without Test Program

That is a reguler competitive program for senior high scool student, that have an academics potential. This selection based on academic prestation and capacity that they choose. This selection aimed to all student that have an interest and capability in spesific field and have a minimum score in the first until fifth semester in 7,00.


  1. Active student in IPA or IPS field.
  2. High minimum 155 cm for men and 150 cm for woman.
  3. Complete the form that can be download at ( In the one form, you can be choose two field at one category [ IPA, IPS, or IPC ].
  4. The book reports in X – XII Class photocopy ( first – fifth semester ).
  5. The diploma (ijazah) and junior high school UAN score photocopy.
  6. Certificate photocopy as proof of academic prestation.
  7. A new 3×4 photo.
  8. Headmaster Letter of assigment.
  9. All document sent to Biro Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru UMY by post or direct.
  10. This requirement is for FREE.

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