Training Basic Pharmalogical

December 12, 2018 by : Fahni Haris

Basic Pharmalogical is study of drugs. Emergency physicians should have an in-depth understanding of drugs in emeregncy situations and how to use and combine them effectively. This training was held in PSIK 2 FKIK Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, on Tuesday, 27th of November 2018. The training opened with warming-up and excersize at 04.00 pm as usual. After that, they did pre-test to explore their knowledge of pharmacology in. They did a Forum Group Discussion, by getting groups for 4-8 persons to discuss pharmacology issues guided by a facilitator from 3rd year members.

The lecture of Pharmacology was delivered by a Pharmacist Septiany Pristiantari S.Farm., Apt. Mrs. Septiany taught about the definition, drug classification based on the law, indication and contraindications usage of drugs for simple emergency management (SEM), medication administration route, and 12 rights of administering. The members looked focused and satisfied with the material. At 08.30 pm, the training was closed with post-test about pharmacology..