Training of Nursing Care 2015/2016 was presented by Education and Research Department of HIMIKA School of Nursing and Health Science UMY on January 6th, 2018 at Room of PSIK 1, F7 Building 1st Floor. The purpose of this activity was facilitated PSIK’s student to practice and increase their knowledge, especially for making a good and correct plan of nursing care. This activity consist of two sections. The first section is material exposure by Mr. Fahni Haris as a lecturer of PSIK UMY about “How to make a good and correct plan of nursing care”.

While for the second section is group discussion. Participants will be devided by some group. Each group will be gave a chance to make nursing care (Asuhan Keperawatan). Two representative groups are selected will presented their Nursing Care that have been made and will be discussed by presenter. (sasa)